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Argentina: Hot Destination

Travelers, writers, tango dancers and students are all pouring into Argentina thanks to low prices and world class everything. This is a country that has some of the greatest waterfalls, mountains, glaciers, lakes, fly fishing, horseback riding, trekking, (southern hemisphere) skiing, polo, futbol, steaks, wines, handbags and shoes in the world. And since beautiful people lie on nearby Uruguayan beaches, it all adds up to a great place to visit. That's why people are probably telling you to book your vacation - or better yet - plan your long term stay now. In Buenos Aires new boutique hotels are opening every week and hundreds of apartments are available for short term rental. The regional airport, Aeroparque, is right in town so it's easy to find flights to the tropical jungle setting of Iguazu Falls or the Andean valley vineyards of Mendoza. Those with more time will continue on to unforgettable Patagonian adventures. Think you saw it all last time? You probably still need to check out Cordoba, Salta or Entre Rios. Your friends told you how great it is and now I've done the same, so get yourself on down to Argentina.